Friday, July 11, 2008

Halo Halo a favourite Filipino Dessert or Snack

Anyone who visited the Philippines or a Pinoy restaurant must try it. In Tagalo, Halo means mix so it is a mix mix cold dessert or snack. The magic of it is the fact that there are so many flavours and textures in each bite. I chose to add it to my list because I believe it is an exotic dessert/snack.It is basically a mixture of sweet preserved beans(red beans), jackfruit (nangka), banana, sago, nata d coco filled with crushed ice, ideal milk, gula Meleka and topped with ice cream. The halo-halo basically is sweet, creamy, and a filling dessert. One's thirst is even made worse by the perspiring ice-filled glass, and the melting ice cream on top.